Educational Personnel

[Liberal Arts]
Course Title Name Subjects Research Fields
Japanese Professor YAKIYAMA, Hiroshi Literature ICJapanese Literature I,II Comparative Literature(Heian Era)
Lecturer HISHIOKA, Kenji Literature I,IICLecture on Literature Japanese Early Modean Literature
Social Studies Professor NAKASHIMA, Yosuke Geography, Environmental Science I,II Geomorphology
Professor YAMAGUCHI, Eiichi Sociology, Ethics and Philosophy, Human Science I,II, Politics and Economics Indian Philosophy
Associate Professor TANIGUCHI, Mitsuo History, Politics and Economics, Social Science I,II Medieval Irish History
Foreign Languages Professor TOKUDA, Hitoshi English I,II,
English Communication A,B,
English Conversation,
English Seminar I,II,III
Professor ABE, Noriko Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Professor MITO, Kenji English
Professor MURATA, Kazuho English Philology
Associate Professor GRUMBINE, Richard Teaching English as a Second Language
Associate Professor YAMASAKI, Eiji American Literature

Course Title Name Subjects Research Fields
Mathematics Professor SAKANISHI, Fumitoshi Fundamental Analysis,
Fundamental Mathematics I,II,
Analysis I,II,
Algebra and Geometry,
Topics of Mathematics,
Applied Mathematics I,II,
Exercises in Mathematics
Function Theory in Several Complex Variables
Professor MURAOKA, Yoshinori Statistical Physics
Associate Professor NISHIYAMA, Harutoshi Mathematical Statistics
Associate Professor TANAKA, Akinori Statistical Physics
Associate Professor TAKAMOTO, Masahiro Statistical Physics
Assistant Professor AOKAGE, Kazuya Algebra
Science Associate Professor SAKAI, Takeshi Fundamental Physics, Advanced Physics Solid State Physics
Associate Professor SAMESHIMA, Tomoko Non linear Physics
Associate Professor TAKEUCHI, Norio Plasma Physics
Associate Professor MATSUO, Akihiro Chemistry I,II Physical Chemistry
Health • Physical Education Professor TSUKAMOTO, Kunishige Health and Physical Education Physical Education
Professor INOUE, Hitoshi Physical Education
Computer Science Professor KAWAMURA, Toyomi Discrete Mathematics,
Computer Literacy,
Exercises in Mathematics
Computer Science

Title Name Subjects
Part-time Professor ARAKI, Makoto @

Title Name Subjects
Secretary UCHIDA, Chikage Department affairs